2013. február 22., péntek

on my way to become a Debian package maintainer

After months of research and catch-up on Debian package maintenance knowledge, last night I successfully uploaded an orphaned package called sysadmin-guide to the Debian mentors page. This is a placeholder for people who are not a package maintainer yet but upload orphaned or new packages that needed some work in order to look for mentors. The mentors a.k.a. sponsors are already Debian developers with upload rights who will help non-official developers and help them to upload the package to the official Debian archive. Once I find a mentor or sponsor, he/she will hopefully review my newly uploaded package and will help to upload my package to the official archive. Note that the path leading up to here has been a long process, it required to read up on a lot of Debian stuff, including introduction to package maintenance, package archives, how to compile a broken package and getting rid of the Lintian errors. It was not straightforward. Look at the Q&A page as well. As of today, I have become a non-official Debian Developer (DD). Good stuff! :)

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