2013. május 10., péntek

using reverse IP entries is the recommended practice

This is a blog just to confirm my findings on the necessity on reverse IP addresses. On the contrary to recommendations of Chris Skretowski @ Flybe, registering reverse IP addresses  (along with forward entry) is the recommended way when setting up a DNS host entry. See RFC 1033, at "Adding a host" section,

 To add a new host to your zone files:

         Edit the appropriate zone file for the domain the host is in.

         Add an entry for each address of the host.

         Optionally add CNAME, HINFO, WKS, and MX records.

         Add the reverse IN-ADDR entry for each host address in the
         appropriate zone files for each network the host in on.

Told you! :-) The reverse DNS lookup looks for a PTR entry in the DNS database in the in-addr.arpa zone for IPv4 addresses.

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