2013. szeptember 4., szerda

Web content providers: plan on serving content via IPv6 asap

As I was searching through the internet archives during my studies towards IPv6, I found an undeniable, unquestionable proof by the expert community that the transition to IPv6 cannot be postponed any longer. Look at the DEFCON18 YouTube video titled as, 'DEFCON 18: IPv6: No Longer Optional 3/4'. It has a 'Call to Action' banner to all web content providers saying, '(...) Plan on serving content via IPv6 in addition to IPv4 as soon as possible.'  The video was uploaded on 5 Oct, 2010 according to YouTube. This is contrary to Chris Skretowski Linux Specialist, who said in early 2013 (!) that introducing IPv6 protocol was not necessary yet. It was a completely wrong, professionally mistaken statement. In fact, the opposite is true! Introducing IPv6 is no longer optional. Watch the video and believe it, if you did not believe me. I told you! :)

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